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About Me

Readings and Services

I offer highly accurate, and vivid mulitiverse readings.

I review all issues, and delve gently where you require.

I specialize in  emotional and psychic support for a wide array of issues, including 

relationships, abuse, motivation, health, finances and empowerment.

A personal connection that inspires and encourages the best.

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About Me

I am interested in blowing your mind...in the best way.

My sensitized skills allow me to access information and specialize in helping you clarify, confirm and realize much more.

My Clairvoyant abilities include Clairaudience, Clairsentience, mediumship, and empathic ranges.

 My path has appreciated, what it is to transform.

I am highly versed in many modalities, (see list on pages), and blend all aspects within a unique healing signature.

I am honoured to conduit and assist.

What To Expect

I offer readings and healings in person, by phone, email and Skype.

call or text 647.899.5805

email: tatiana@divinebeing.biz


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 Reiki Master  (Usui and Shamanic)

Axialtional Alignment

Integrated Energy Technique

Crystal Healing/Violet Flame

Access Consciousness

Light Language (Sacred Geometry)

Western Astrology

Therapeutic and Aromatherapy Massage


Intuitive Health Diagnositic


Psychic Readings


Tarot classes



Tatiana is the 'the real deal'. She's an extremely gifted Clairvoyant. As a Psychotherapist in private practice, I often send clients to her. The results are truly amazing. ~ Sharon T. PhD  Toronto ON

Your ability to immediately discern what is primary concern, and what is secondary, is incredible. You articulate your vision with impressive clarity. Your humility, honesty, and listening skills, set you apart. You are absolutely brilliant with your psychic skills. ~ Cristeen, Toronto ON

Tatiana is very accurate and tuned in intuitively, AND as an Astrologer. She is intelligent and compassionate, and able to meet anyone where they presently are. She works well with people who know astrology, and is able to discuss deeply on all topics, relationships, career, and family. ~ Julie C. Astrologer, Phoenix Arizona

Tatiana is uncanny in her 'visions' and insights. She is discerning in her dialogue and sensitive to her client's interests and needs. She is gentle and kind in her delivery. She can help guide you by working with you, to ease your path through things otherwise seemingly impossible to find solutions to, and free your mind and heart. ~ Greg M. Toronto ON